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My primary fandom for the last couple years has been Avengers, and just Marvel in general, both movies and comics. Especially comics, at this point. I've been reading and enjoying a lot of comics put out by Image as well. I rarely manage to participate or say much, due to RL demands, but I might start posting again? Eventually? I've managed one Avengers fic in the last year. I may at some future point write another! I would really like to.

This journal is partially friends-locked, and some of my posts are not appropriate for minors. If you are under the age of 18, please find something else to read.

My Avengers fic (set in the 616 universe, mostly, but it's complicated):

Incursion, written for the cap_ironman 2013 Reverse Big Bang, with art and more art by phoenixmetaphor

My Harry Potter fics:

Perfect Day, also written for Team Canon in the hd_worldcup in 2008.

Still Life in Wood and Parchment, written for Team Canon in the hd_worldcup in 2008.
Read as a podcast by the lovely and talented raitala here (you'll need to pause the current recording and scroll down to the bottom to find it).

Arctic Fox, the story I wrote for hd_holidays in 2007.

Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, written for hd_holidays in 2008.

Cerulean Blue, cowritten with annafugazzi for hds_beltane in 2008.

The Hawthorn Wand, my short, Draco-centric, DH-reaction-fic, 2007.

Poetic Justice, my Auror haiku fic, very silly, 2007.

Potter Peep, my Easter crack/drama ficlet, also very silly, 2008.

My Wicked Gentlemen fic:

Resolution--exploring that gap between Mr. Sykes and the Firefly and Captain Harper and the Sixty Second Circle, in 2009.