RL has been eating me, or I would have posted about this sooner, but I am still all aflutter. The lovely raitala has proven herself awesome in yet another way, as she's not only capable of producing outstanding art, but also has one of the most beautiful reading voices I've ever heard. Can you imagine the near-hysterical level of glee I experienced when I heard her reading one of my stories? With an authentic British accent? No, I don't think you can. I was just that gleeful.

So please, if you've got time, go listen! I swear, people will be beating down her door to make more of these. I can't believe how lucky I am she picked one of my stories for her first attempt.

raitala reading Still Life in Wood and Parchment

Also, you might want to check out this earlier post in which she discusses some of her thoughts about the project.

I owe even more emails and replies than the last time I posted about how behind I was, so, um, please, if I've shamefully ignored you, it's not personal! I really am failing at the internet just that badly! I will try to get a brief Portus post up sometime later tonight, because if I don't do it soon, I know I never will. And the rest? Soonish. I hope.

Oh this is so cool!

Saw aome was creating clouds of her fics at Wordle and had to try it too!

Yes, here it is, blindmouse. Proof positive you were right I had speech tag issues in Arctic Fox. LOL (This is from the version I'd cleaned up a bit too! Would be too embarrassed to post the cloud I got from the version that actually went up at hd_hols.)

But hey! Still Life in Wood and Parchment looks really neat!

And check it out, Anna! Cerulean Blue came out like a little potion bottle! :D


Beltane reveals are up!

Okay, I don't think I've ever posted this many times in one day before. Um, sorry about that...

But had to post linking to Beltane's big reveal.

annafugazzi and I cowrote Cerulean Blue for winnett, as a pinch hit.

I have quite a bit I'd like to say about this fic and the process of writing it, but...I don't exactly have time tonight. :( Huge thanks to betas blindmouse, melusinahp, and schemingreader, to twistedm, the awesome mod of the fest, and also to everyone who commented on the fic. I feel terrible being so far behind, but I will be replying as soon as I catch up with WC comments.

Fic Rec: Smile, Fond

So have you ever read a Percy/Oliver fic? I hadn't. But cest_what's fic Smile, Fond sold me on the pairing. I meant to post about it weeks ago but kept being too swamped to type up a decent rec. And I'm still swamped. Anyway, can I just say I really enjoyed it, and I'll bet you would too? LOL It's got some great character insights, and it's funny and clever and sweet. And it has a great running joke about broomsticks. ;) (Oh, and heads up, it's not DH compatible. It'll definitely confuse you if you don't keep that in mind.)

Title: Smile, Fond
Pairing: Oliver/Percy
Rating: R
Length: 10,000 words
Summary: Oliver should have gone to bed hours ago. His mind was over-tired, now, and starting to produce bizarre little fantasies, like that this night had already run over into the morning and would never end.

Ficlet: Potter Peep

Title: Potter Peep
Author: scrtkpr
Rating: G
Word Count: 850
Summary: Draco plays with his Peep.
Warning: I’d warn for angst, but come on you guys, this is a fic about Peeps. Don’t take it seriously. ;)
Author’s Notes: Written for regan_v’s Easter Crackfic Challenge. This is unbeta'd, so if you spot anything, please let me know.

ETA: Just noticed my crackfic has at least one canon inconsistency, so I hereby deem it slightly AU. ;)

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OMG, so excited! :D

A few weeks ago, raitala asked me what scene from Arctic Fox, my hd_holidays fic, I'd most like to see illustrated. I gave her quite a few choices but told her I'd really be interested to see which one she was inspired to draw. Today I got to find out which one she chose! :D


Check it out, comment, and while you're there, you should also take a look at her other art. She's drawn some lovely illustrations for sarahtales's Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Mirabella's Shadow of His Wings, two of my favorite fics. Also, I loved raitala's own auror-themed contribution for hd_holidays.

Because I still have my computer tonight...

I bring you the 25 Most Baffling Toys From Around The World. Don't forget to click to page two, or you'll miss such treasures as Benign Doll and the toy stripper pole. Really, though, I think my favorite is the robot God Jesus. Or maybe the "sled."

ETA: Also, I never linked to these Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974 before, did I? I think I just sent it to some people in chat. I DIED laughing at this, though. (You have to look at all the individual cards. And read the captions! I think my favorite is Frankfurter Spectacular, just for the name.)

ETA2: Oh! And this made me laugh so, so much. I think more than even the recipe cards. I laughed until I cried. I meant to link to it a long time ago. Fun Interpretations of Ambiguous Emergency Signs

Happy Birthday, sesheta_66!

Title: Victory Reprised
Author: scrtkpr
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Word Count: 2,415
Summary: The course of love does not run smooth. (Or, as you will likely remember it, "That one where Harry and Draco are at a dude ranch.")
Author's Note: Written as a birthday gift for sesheta_66, as a thank you for the birthday ficlet she wrote for me in September. Yesterday she gave me the prompt of Harry and Draco at a ranch. After much pondering on how I might accomplish that, I decided to write it as a continuation of the story she wrote for me (linked above). Her fic is not long, but if you don't have time to read both, I think this story can stand alone as well. (And please note that although the first fic is delightfully fluffy, a bit of angst worked its way into this dude ranch fic. LOL)
Disclaimer: I am not J.K. Rowling and do not own these characters. No money is being made from this story, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Additional Disclaimer This story has not been beta read. Concrit welcome and appreciated!

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